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The Sock Challenge For Men

Feeling sock challenged? Well, you’re not alone! Most men share the same difficulties when pairing socks with different outfits. That said, colorful socks have become the latest fashion adventure in men’s fashion. Are you ready for the challenge?

In the fashion industry, Socks have become an unexpected form of self-expression for men of all walks of life. When styled correctly, they can kick up your outfit with a pop of color or quirky design. However, when they’re styled incorrectly, they can lead to an understated and outdated look. If your sock drawer only consists of black, grey or dark blue socks, this article is meant for you!

Socks come in a wide variety of sizes and lengths to fit all types of feet, but you might be surprised to learn just how many types of men’s socks are available.

Going For Color

Mens Colored SocksThe crazier the better! A terrific rule of thumb when exploring your expression with colored socks is to go bright and bold with colors and patterns when wearing formal business attire. When it comes to casual (street-ware or going out clothes), try something even crazier with designs that have graphics, pictures or even comical designs.

  • If is formal, the whole point of these bright things is to add a dash of color; they’re meant to clash
  • If it is informal, make the clash tasteful yet vibrant

Shopping Rules

With so many different styles to choose from, it’s important to know which size and type of sock is right for your needs. Since socks are an essential yet often under appreciated article of men’s clothing it is important to know the three most common types of socks including athletic socks, dress socks, and casual socks.

Truly, men’s socks have certain rules a man must follow in order for them to fit a particular look. Socks are an important piece of clothing, even though most men don’t pay much attention to their performance in an outfit. Like with any fashion statement, men’s socks have certain rules that must be followed in order to pull off the right look.

mens colored socksWith so many different styles to choose from, it’s important to know which size and type of sock is right for your needs. The basic rule of thumb for men’s socks is an easy one, the color of your sock should match the color of your trousers. That means wearing black socks with black trousers, dark gray socks with charcoal trousers, blue socks with your blue jeans, and so on.

When wearing dress pants or casual pants, apart from jeans, the color of your socks should be dictated by the color of your pants and not by the shade of your shoes. Black pants should obviously go with black socks, and brown pants with brown socks. The same goes for blue and gray pants.

Spicing up your sock wardrobe with colored socks is a great way to show off your self expression. By following the basic rules for selecting socks and adding spices of colors with the right outfits, you will win the sock challenge and make an amazing statement.


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